Jane Addams to Levi Hollingsworth Wood, April 10, 1920


April 10th, 1920

My dear Mr. Wood:

Mrs. [Stonborough] is a charming person, Viennese of noble family, I believe, married to an American. I was away during the time she was in Chicago but I hear only good reports of her public speaking. She seems to have made a most favorable impression everywhere and the poor old Austrians were very grateful to have someone so altogether presentable and reassuring.

I had a very satisfactory time in Minneapolis and St. Paul and again in the West so far as our cause is concerned but the situation in Chicago itself remains perplexing. I hope your sister was not worn out by the horrible passage of which Miss Lathrop writes.

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. I am still perplexed in regard to the Siberian prisoners. You have been in communication with Frederick Keppel, have you not? Is he doing all that the U.S.A. is undertaking or is it true as the English still insist that the American YMCA [page 2] has taken up the question. I should be very grateful to you if you could write me about the status of the two organizations in the matter before the meeting of our National Section which occurs in Chicago the 23rd and 24th of April. Mrs. Lewis will be here from Philadelphia but I think that she as well as myself feels a little confused on the subject and I should like to write definitely to England.