Jane Addams to Wilbur Lucius Cross, April 5, 1920




April 5, 1920

My dear Mr. Cross:

I am sending you a review of the Canon Barnett book which I fear may be too long as I find upon referring to ↑your↓ October letter that you suggest a few paragraphs. Perhaps that was for the purpose of letting me off easy but in any event I am not sensitive and have indicated one or two places where the article might be advantageously brought to an end. I am also sending a review of the book from a more Settlement point of view to the Atlantic Monthly. In case you do not use your material it is possible that Mr. Sedgwick might care for the discarded portions. That would mean of course that it would have to be returned to me for “further consideration.”

Thanking you for your patience in the matter and hoping that at least portions of the article may be available for your purposes, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed by secretary]

Mr. Wilbur Cross,
Editor the Yale Review,
New Haven, Conn.

P.S. I am returning to Chicago tomorrow and my address will be Hull House.