Jane Addams to Julius Rosenwald, June 28, 1920


June 28th, 1920

My dear Mr. Rosenwald:

We have made out a list of those donors who give more than fifty dollars a year. There are, of course, many more who give ten dollars a year and a smaller list who give twenty-five. On the Fresh Air List there are a large number of five dollar givers from the good old days when we were able to say that five dollars would provide for one child for two weeks. Shall I send you a list of the ten and twenty-five dollar contributors? If I do not hear from you to the contrary I shall send you a list such as this.

With sincere gratitude to Mr. Hutchinson and yourself, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. Of course, for many years Mrs. Bowen gave more than $2500 but I am putting that down as her annual contribution since she gave the endowment to Bowen Hall.

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