Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett, June 26, 1920


June 26th, 1920

My dear Mrs. Barnett:

I am more disgusted with Pond than I know what to say. I am enclosing a copy of his last letter to Mr. Byron who wrote to him for me in a stern tone as is clearly indicated. Since then he has been written to and telegraphed with no response. It looks exactly as though he was holding off until it was too late for anybody else to handle the business. Will you tell me what you would like me to do? He has had the book of clippings for weeks and weeks. I sent him the loose ones at first lest I should lose the book altogether but he has been perfectly well informed about you and is unpardonably rude about the whole thing. I have just written to Mr. Kennedy, Secretary of the American Federation of Settlements, and sent him your last letter. We would have a much larger attendance of settlement people in September than we could hope for in October after all the winter activities have been inaugurated. The time was set on the assumption that you would arrive in Canada on September the 10th but we will, of course, try to meet your plans. If Mr. Pond continues to act so queerly would you mind the Federation of Settlements getting out some material about you and arranging for lectures at the principal cities with the Housing Associations?

I am too sorry that Mr. Pond's letter was lost. He did not propose any definite dates in it and the assumption was that he was corresponding directly with you. I am sorry that I misunderstood about Dr. Boyle. We can, of course, put her in touch with some very interesting people who are engaged in work similar to her own and who will be delighted to do anything they can for her. Will you please write to me as soon as you have [page 2] conferred with Mr. Adams?

I am going to be in Boston on the 5th of July and if it continues to be impossible to hear from Mr. Pond, I shall have to stop off in New York and settle matters with him face to face. I am full of apologies for my fellow-countryman. You will hear from me by cable in a very few days.

Always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑P.S. I am sending you a copy of my review of the book which has been reprinted and also one in the July number of The Yale Review.↓