David Starr Jordan to Jane Addams, January 26, 1920

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
800 South Halsted Street
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

I am always glad to hear from you, and to know, as I do from various sources, what you are doing.

I am glad to hear of the Hoover Club. I think the chances are that Hoover will be the next President of the United States, and if so, we will have a man of unique power in executive work, as well as one who never flinches in ideals. Living in Hoover's house in London, as I have done off and on when I have been in Europe, I have been impressed with the soundness of his knowledge of the social and economic conditions of every country in Europe, for that matter, in the world. I have never known his judgment of men or conditions to be wrong, and I know that if he should make a mistake, he would be the first man to set himself right. It will be a triumph of democracy for the people to put such a man in the presidential chair, for he will not lift a finger, spend a dollar, nor make a pledge to secure the nomination from anybody.

Very truly yours,

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