William Arthur Maddox to Jane Addams, November 24, 1919


My dear Miss Addams:

I wish to have you know how much we appreciated your presence at the college and how much it has contributed to our plans. Although I did not personally express them to you, we all realized how much effort it was for you to make the trip here and give us two addresses in the short time that you were able to be with us. I feel that you have made a fine contribution to the college and wish to express to you my warm appreciation of your efforts.

I shall welcome any suggestion that you may have from time to time about the college. I have done here with the feeling that a fine piece of work can be done, giving up a professorship at Columbia University because I was impressed with the opportunity for real service here. As you probably know, we have one hundred and forty-seven new students this year and are providing accommodations for one hundred and ninety students next year. I expect the enrollment to go to four hundred resident students and three hundred day, extension, and music students by 1922. I am basing this on very careful estimate. However, my hopes for the college are not in numbers.

May I suggest that you write me to what expense you have been placed for the trip? I shall very gladly reimburse you.

With best wishes, I am

Cordially yours,

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

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