Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, February 7, 1920

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

7 High St. White Plains New York Feb 7, 1920

Dear Miss Addams

I find I forgot to add in my recent letter a word about New York as a possible place for the Annual meeting. If you thought it should be held here there are possibilities for a meeting just outside the City in some pleasant place. But in that case, if the June meeting is decided upon the date should be early in the month just before, rather than after, the Des Moines Club Biennial. That might serve to get many women here before the 16th. Mrs Karsten who strongly favors June for the Annual meeting has expressed the idea that it should be early in June any way so as to avoid the summer exodus to country places.

I think therefore that the choice of place for meeting stands in my mind as follows: --

I. Chicago and probably before rather than after the Club Biennial for reasons Mrs Karsten gives

II. Some place, either Des Moines itself or near there to accommodate those intending to go to Club meeting and to fix center of interest in W.I.L. for a while at least in the Middle West.

III. New York, in or near the City, and at the date in June which will come nearest to Club Biennial and allow attendance on both meetings.

The choice of June for the Annual Meeting has in addition to the national reasons given one other namely that delegates could be chosen from the meeting to represent fraternally the Sec. for U.S. of W.I.L. at the International Council meeting in Christiana in early September. It would I believe hearten the women abroad very much if some one from here could go to that Council in which are many of the women of the foreign sections of W.I.L. and help increase sentiment and then perhaps go on to Geneva for a while. There would be a great advantage and a great opportunity for service in such a visit to the Council meeting from the Section here.

If you could go it would be the best of course but perhaps ↑if not↓ [Mrs] Lewis might be going to see her daughter or some one of our number who could get at the center of Council influences at Christiana.

Lady Aberdeen’s candidate for International President is a lady residing in Geneva. If the League establishes headquarters at Geneva and the Women have a Council headquarters there and Mrs Andrews should carry her scheme, through, all these centers should be in close touch and helpful relationship with the W.I.L. office. That might be best accomplished in the beginning through such a fraternal delegation from W.I.L. of U.S. to the Christiana meeting.

↑Yours always↓ Anna Garlin Spencer. [signed]