Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, December 8, 1919


December 8, 1919

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams;

We skipped last week's issue of the Survey as we are not fully clear of the printers' strike situation, and this with our broken schedule left us so congested that we have not been able to attempt Mrs. Stoughton's article. I returned it with the enclosed letter, which please return for our file.

We are publishing between two and three pages of recent reports from Austria, showing the need in Austria and Germany and outlining the plan of the Quakers and Mr. Hoover. You will be interested to know that Mr. A. G. Scattergood, a fellow member of our Board, has been chosen by the Friends to head the expedition

Mr. Scattergood writes: "The cablegram that came to you through Miss Addams I shall endeavor to take up on Tuesday with Mr. Hoover, or his office. I hope something can be done but have not a clear idea that it can."