Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, January, 1920 (fragment)


[page 1 missing] What I think would be best would be for me to give twelve lantern lectures and the following towns are, I am told, in need of such small help as I can give them, but as you will understand I am willing to change the towns at your advice, only stipulating that I am not sent on very long journeys, and by night before a lecture.

These are the towns I am advised that I can help, from Quebec and back to it to sail.

1.New York.

2. Boston. ↑or see no. 14 from Quebec and back to it to sail.↓

3. Washington.

4. Philadelphia.

5. Pittsburgh.

6. Chicago.

7. Detroit.

8. London.

9. [Buffalo].

10. Toronto.

11. Ottawa.

12 Montreal.

13. Quebec.

14. Boston.

15. Home from Quebec down St Lawrence River which I greatly desire to see.

I am told that it would be wiser to place myself in Messrs Pond's hands and ask £40 to £50 a lecture, undertaking large audiences (I have a big voice) and agreeing to speak [nowhere] else.

I should not be able to lecture, owing to fatigue, more than twice a week, and I cannot lecture the next day after my journey, as I usually visit slum areas, new proposed sites, see plans and so am able to speak to greater usefulness.

Of these twelve lectures, you will decide if they would all be needed for Housing stimulation, or if you think it would help Housing for me to speak to (a) Settlement [organizations], (b) Women's clubs, (c) Trades Unions [Organizations]. [page 2] To such [centers] smaller fees must of course be asked, and only one lecture given in one town.

Now as to the arguments for my coming in early April or in September.

For or against April.

1. Is it now that such help as I can give is wanted?

2. I have had no letter from the Settlements and therefore they would not be ready to [organize] or to find funds.

3. Do people start down in May and June as we do here?

4. I hear it can be very hot in June in America, too hot for people to wish to hear lectures.

5. The light evenings somewhat injure lantern work on which I depend, as for every reason I am more effective with pictures, plans and statistics.

For or against September.

1. Would it give longer time to prepare so that the best use could be made of such services as I can render.

2. Would more people have read my book? That is a very great basis of welcome to me.

3. The weather would be better and so I could do and bear more without fear of breakdown.

4. The evenings would be darker.

5. Here, as you know, people eagerly go to lectures after the vacation, so the audiences might be better with you, and more ready to work at once. [page 3]

But your ↑present↓ conditions may make it more useful for you to have me now. You only can judge that. In [favor] of my coming later, there is that I can then work at lecturing here in England in April and May, and July and August, and the Ministry of Health is so kind as to find me useful.

On the other hand I learn much attention is being paid to women's work on your side this year. Would that be true in September as in May?

Another suggestion has been made to me, namely that I leave here at the end of July, and visit ↑[Chautauqua]↓ and various Summer Schools and Conferences, where people from all parts of the U.S.A. are gathered, and so the Housing ideals can spread to towns which cannot be visited. I think if you thought this idea good, the Settlements would [organize] a special Meeting for me, but then I should wish to speak twice, once on Housing and once on Settlements.

As you know I have many people who are ready to be kind to me, and invitations to stay at New York, Springfield, etc, etc.

I should not come wholly to work, and would love, love to see the country in the fall with its [coloring].

As far as I am concerned it would be better for me to come either in July or September, and though I am told to ask large fees, as limiting the demands on my strength, I do not necessarily require to make all Miss Paterson's and my expenses. I wish chiefly to be useful.

If I come in July for Conferences the tour would be altogether different, as I should go where they meet.

If I come in September I would I suppose start in Canada and leave by New York in the second or third week in November.

You will understand and be glad that I am bringing Miss Paterson with me. [page 4] She is 62 now and is spoken of in my book. Vol. 1. page ↑104↓ and is full of sympathy for every one. I have of course, read every line you send me about Housing and "Oliver is asking for more."

If you tell me that the fee I am told to ask is too much, I shall of course, abide by your opinion. I also do not want to stay too often in families unless I can be given much freedom and rest.

Now I will conclude. I very very much appreciate all your kindness to me and would be glad and grateful to do all I can do, you bearing in mind the force of my voice and my undue capacity of getting tired.

Believe me to be, in full confidence.

Yours truly,

signed -- H O Barnett [signed]

P.S. I will not reply to the Agency who wishes to run me until I receive your cable, which should be addressed, Barnett, [space left unfilled] London, and should say just the name of the month. I will of course, refund its cost.

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