Alice Salomon to Jane Addams, January 7, 1920



Jan 7th 1919

BERLIN W. 50 ↑30.↓
↑[Luitpoldstraße?] 27.↓

Dear Miss Addams:

It is a very long time since I saw you last here -- 5 years ago -- and I was very sorry to miss you when you were here last summer on your errand of mercy and good-will. But all my friends told me that it was like a light shining in a very dark time, to meet again with so much good will and justice.

[Today] I come to you myself with a request for help in a personal affair. I have lately been interviewed by a very considerable number of American journalists regarding the changes in women's positions since the war and the revolution, and regarding changes in the field of social work etc. Now in framing my life according to changed [assumptions] that women in trying to earn a living after 27 years of social service with almost no pay it has struck me, that, it might be possible for me to become a regular contributor to some good American papers or reviews or magazines. Just the fact that all the journalists land here for information makes me think that I might have some knowledge of things, which would make me useful as a subscriber to some of your papers. I know just enough of American life to judge what would be of interest there, I believe.

Anyhow, I should be very grateful, if you could give me an advice or your help in this respect. I thought, perhaps the Survey [page 2] would like to get an article about changes in social work here about 4 or 6 times a year and perhaps they would be willing to make an arrangement with me if it was suggested by some one like you!

And perhaps one of the Women's papers or a good magazine ([McClures] or something of that sort) might like to have regular contributions about the women's share in public and political life and the effect of Suffrage etc.

Or a daily paper interested in the changes here.

I wonder if you think such plan would be [feasible] and in that case if you would just send out to [news?] papers a letter of [recommendation] for me?

It is a job I should like to do -- and I  think I could do it well. I am considered here a good essayist,

↑I suppose,↓ I need not say that I am not in need of help from other [countries?], and that I have always found a living here. But some well paid [literary] work would make it possible for me to go on with the training of social workers; to which I have given my life hitherto and which I think is the best thing I can do for my country, because it helps to spread the spirit of mutual understanding, confidence and of Peace which the world needs so much. I should [prefer] that to any other work which I could get in one of the Ministries easily.

May I just add, that in spite of the terrible difficulties of the moment and the suspense we are living through, I am not without hope for the future and shall believe [page 3] that our generation may have the chance to build up a new world one [on a?] new ground of justice.

I suppose you heard that I saw Miss Balch in Geneva. I wish I could help the work you are doing there too. But I do not yet see a way.

Kindest regards and many good wishes. And will you forgive my asking this very personal [favor] and help from you? It is very daring -- but I have always felt that you and I had so very much in common, that I felt I might have confidence in you and ask you for a personal kindness.

I hope you would not mind and answer frankly if you felt it was not the right thing to do.

Yours very sincerely

Alice Salomon.

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