John Wesley DeKay, Jr. to Jane Addams, November 22, 1919


22nd November 1919.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ills. U.S.A.

Dear Miss Addams: --

When I had the pleasure of seeing you in Zurich and we lunched together by the lake, May 19th last, I intimated to you that I should like to know more of the work of Hull House and as to the arrangements which had been made to insure a perpetuity of your policy.

My son, aged [twenty-one], who served as a private voltuneer soldier in the American Air Squadron in France, and who left his school in England to enlist when he was nineteen, leaves here [tomorrow] to enter the University of Virginia to finish his studies. He will be accompanied by my daughter Jeanne, aged twenty, and it is the desire of my daughter to undertake a useful work. I have asked her before deciding upon what she will undertake, to pay you a visit at Hull House with my son, and this letter will be I hope presented by them.

I commend my daughter to you and if you have a work which she can do, especially with the poor and homeless little children, it might be best suited to her wishes. She has never been away from home except to attend boarding-school in England and I naturally say farewell to her with solicitude. I earnestly commend her to your kind consideration. If she can work for you and with you, I shall be happy and you will place me under a permanent debt of gratitude.

With the assurance of all my consideration and respect, I am

Sincerely yours,

The De Kay -- [signed]