Emily Hobhouse to Jane Addams, November 29, 1919

Nov: 29/19
c/o Volksbank- Bern
6 rue Christophe

My dear Miss Addams,

Your cable has come and I thank you very much for it, because -- though you can't undertake all I had the temerity to ask you do not utterly crush one's hopes, and in saying you "regret large [sums] impossible" hold out a hint that smaller ones might be forth coming!

Also, if Hoover has taken up the poor German children at last & confided them to the care of the Philadelphia Friends could perhaps our request for instant help for Leipzig be handed on to that body?

And if handed by you it would surely gain attention.

Meanwhile I rejoice to say [page 2] that I have received one good guarantee of £100 a week which will I hope enable us to make a beginning on a small scale.

Perhaps you could find yourself able to guarantee an equal amount toward it or such £50 a week.

On Monday next I am making public appeal to the Swiss in the Hotel de Ville for support.

In a few days I start with Dr. Schwyzer for Vienna to see Dr. Geist and others & straight on to Leipzig. The address to find us there is: --

c/o Prof Dr. Woltereck
13 Weberstrasse
Leipzig - [Gautsch?]

[Rumor] reaches me that Dr. Alice Hamilton is in Europe & I am trying to get into touch with her.

Yrs in great haste

Emily Hobehouse