Emily Greene Balch to Marian Fleming Harwood, August 23, 1919


Geneva, August 23, 1919.

Mrs. S. Harwood,
Box 1154 G.P.O.
N.S.W. Australia.

Dear Mrs. Harwood,

I had just written the preceding pages when your letter of June 12, forwarded from Amsterdam reached me.

I hope you will feel that you are not affiliating with a society in Holland or any other country but making part of an organized world movement in which your cooperation is very precious.

The war has been a great winnowing. Our society represents not those who are opposed to every war except the one in question. That sort of pacifism is very inexpensive and very ineffective. Our members represent those who like yourself think the way to end war is not to begin any war and who are ready to suffer for their belief if necessary, but who above all want to count in the great work of creating a free peaceful world.

The task before us is, as it seems to me, for immediate objects, political pressure and propaganda, but as a long-time task EDUCATION. And surely we strengthen one another by following a common [program] and by exchanging experiences. I hope too that under present conditions our letters and publications will reach you promptly so that on all these accounts you will feel it desirable to continue a branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

When you receive this will you not let me know just how things stand?

And believe me

Most cordially yours,