Jane Addams to Edward Mandell House, July 30, 1919

Hotel Pomona
The Hague
July 30th,

My dear Colonel House:

While we were waiting in The Hague for our passports into Germany we met the ambassador for German Austria to the Netherlands, Baron Franz, and were much interested in his intelligent and sympathetic account of the Austrian situation. The other night we saw him again by chance for a few minutes in the lobby of the hotel just as he was about to leave for Paris to represent German Austria in the peace negotiations.

I am sure you know that I do not wish to meddle in matters of state, but my very great desire that you should have a chance to talk to Baron Franz personally overrides my scruples and I venture to beg you to have an interview with him if possible.

Our three weeks in Germany have once more brought the human aspect of the situation so poignantly before us that for the moment it seems the one important element in the whole problem.

Thanking you for your many kindnesses and hoping that I am not imposing on your unfailing courtesy, I remain

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Colonel House
American Peace Commission
Hotel Crillon, Paris.

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