Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, May 28, 1919


May 28" 1919


My dearest --

Your letters were the first I had about Cedarville and I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for going out and for having Mary Fry and Marcet afterward.

I am so sorry to have been away [although] of course I faced that possibility and had a ↑certain↓ sense of saying goodbye when we left Cedarville. [page 2]

We are getting on very well here in placing our resolutions, and if we hear from Mr Hoover by Friday as we expect we will soon start on the new plan. May I ↑I will↓ send you addresses for that as soon as we know.

Miss Wald left yesterday for England and sails from there in a few days. We have had an awfully nice time with her, she left Zurich immediately after the Congress and we met here on Monday. [page 3] Alice is of course all kinds of a trump, she is part of the Hoover plan and very much interested in it [although] of course she [wants] to get at her work in England. The whole thing is held up waiting for the final decision on the treaty. We had a wonderful talk with Dr Alonzo Taylor -- I am [confirmed] in my old position that the Hoover people hold the crux of the situation. [page 4] I do hope you had a nice visit in Colorado -- I wish I might have been with you for a hundred perfectly good reasons.

I am so glad [Dot?] is at the house -- I have wished many times that we had Will Chenery here instead of Lewis Gannett [although] he has done very well, and we are keeping him on this week.

Your letters are the dearest things that come to me and I dote on you more every minute!

Always yours Jane Addams