Jenkin Lloyd Jones to Jane Addams, October 9, 1907


October 9, 1907

Miss Jane Addams,
The Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:--

We left things at loose ends after all Saturday night.  I have been working my committees and the finance committee assure me that they will take care of any bills I may make, with the sanction of Graham Taylor and Miss Addams. Mr. Taylor has already written to Mr. Thomas Hall and I have started in quest of Crothers. I think Miss [Simkhovich] and Mr. Woods can be reached most effectively through you; if anybody can get them, you can. Use your persuasion. Invite them in the name of the Lincoln Centre, Jenkin Lloyd Jones, or any way you like, and assure them that their expenses will be paid. If you can get their acceptances by telegraph (if there is any telegraph service now) never mind the expense; or if there is anything more that I had better do tell me what it is and I will do it. If it will save time and trouble, call me up by phone or summon me by messenger, and I will pay another visit to the Hull House promptly.

You do not know how you warmed my heart, all of you, Sunday in the way you took hold of this business. I am so busy that I do not realize how lonely I am until I face some such problem as this. I am sure you will remember I have no heart in this business unless we can discuss the main issues in it and face the public and the future with it. The twenty-five years of Jones and All Souls Church is a [page 2] little drop in the bucket and that drop has gone down stream already; you cannot overtake it.

Bless you.  Brotherly thine,