Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, May 27, 1919


May 27" 1919


My dear Marcet

Our letters have been so strangely delivered that I did not get yours until today -- [although] I [heard] from a later one from Mary Smith of grandmother's death. I am so sorry that I was away, both because it would have been a great comfort to me to have been there at that moment and because I might have been of some help to you. [page 2] I am very grateful for your letter and for Mary Fry's and I am sure we can all be certain that every tender care surrounded her to end and that the final service was the best possible. She was so frail when I saw her last that my heart sank as I left her but I still hoped that I would find her there when I came back.

How your hurried journey back from the east must have recalled your journey in 1915 as did so many other things. [page 3] Do be careful during the summer and I wish you might have a long time away from the Kansas heat. I am so glad that Mary is to stay on and I will write her today.

We had a very remarkable Congress at Zurich and the postponement had only made it possible for more people to come. There were women there from fifteen nations -- and a very brilliant group of thirty from England. [page 4] I will tell you all about it when I see you. We are back here to present our resolutions. I have an appointment with Col House whom I saw twice when we were here before, and I hope to see others. Alice Hamilton and I may undertake a little commission for Mr Hoover before we return but I will write you of that again if it is decided upon. Paris is full of interesting people, we meet them [page 5] every day -- but no one is very happy over the final outcome.

Please give my love to Alice and to Manuel. I am so glad to be able to think of you surrounded by so much affection and domesticity, and you know, dear one, that I send you all my sympathy and tenderness -- Always yours devotedly Jane Addams.