Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, February 6, 1919


February 6th, 1919

My dear Mrs. Hull:

I am so glad you and Mr. Hull are going to be in France. I have a curious sense of security in regard to having you both there.

Won't you please get into communication with Mme [Duchêne], 10 Quai Debilly, who is the head of our French Section? If you and Mrs. Andrews, and perhaps later Mrs. Lewis ↑with Mabel [Kittredge]↓, to whom we have also written, could form a little nucleus of American women, it seems to me it would be most valuable. I understand that Mme. [Duchêne] has taken an office and she might perhaps be of use to you in finding quarters.

I suppose there may be some doubt about the rest of us getting passports. I shall wait until the President's return and, if necessary, have him for a court of last appeal. I have been told quite recently of several friendly things he has said.

I spoke in Pittsburgh the other day and met Mrs. Miller, the President of the Pennsylvania Suffrage Association. She was guarded in her remarks but I do [page 2] not think she cared very much for the activities of her vice-president.

With every possible good wish for Mr. Hull and yourself for a successful journey, I am

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]