Jane Addams to Woodrow Wilson, May 16, 1919





Following resolution moved by Mrs. Pethick Lawrence England seconded by Madame [Wærn] Bugge of Sweden and supported by Signora Genoni Italy was unanimously adopted today by women representing fifteen countries majority from Entente "This international congress of women regards the unemployment, famine and pestilence extending throughout great tracts of central and eastern Europe and through parts of Asia as a profound disgrace to civilization. This congress urges the governments of all the powers assembled at the Peace Congress to develop the [inter-allied] organization formed for purposes of war into an international organization for purposes of peace and urges that the following intermediate steps be taken; one that the blockade be immediately lifted, two that all resources of the world food, raw materials, finance, transport be organized immediately for the relief of the peoples from famine and pestilence; three that if there is an insufficiency either of food or of transport to supply all the demands luxuries shall not be given transport from one country to another until the necessaries of life are supplied to all and that the people of every country be rationed in order that all the starving shall be fed. We believe that only immediate international action of this kind can save humanity and bring about the permanent reconciliation and union of the peoples."

JANE ADDAMS, President,
Glockenhof, Zurich.