Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 27, 1907



My dear Alice

I have spent the night with Mary Smith and seem to have a few minutes this morning.

I am hoping that Marcet and her Grand mother will come through Chicago before I go to Chautauqua. I leave next Tuesday night to be gone until Monday. I am then in town until the next Friday. I find that I can take the C.B. & L. to Hannibal [page 2] Mo. leaving at 11.30 one night and arriving at 10.30 the next morning. I have had a busy rather distracting summer with much building going on, the Cranes are putting up a building which will house all our children's work and we are also building a new dining room with quarters for the music school. The entire plantation is upset, [but] these are necessary changes [page 3] in the old house because of the [shut in windows]. I will be pleased & proud to show it all to you in the fall when you come, which I hope will be without fail.

Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

[July] 27" 1907