Eva Perry Moore to Jane Addams, March 20, 1918

National Council of Women

St. Louis, Mo., 2/20/18.

Dear Madame President:

We are pleased to quote the Press throughout the country that the Biennial Meeting of the National Council of Women of the United States, held in Washington, December 8-12 inclusive, was most "comprehensive in scope", representative of all organizations but two and "brilliant in presentation".

This notes the advance step which all the friends of the National Council believed would be the result of the added force of numbers, and the constructive work of the department chairmen.

There are several reasons for sending this communication at once:

1 -- The REPORT will be somewhat delayed on account of the necessity of asking the Chairmen to edit their reports to a space commensurate with the money at our command for printing.

The REVISION, which was passed unanimously, contains two points of immediate concern:

One is the added annual dues from $10. to $25., payable in January;

The other, the provision that no assessment shall be made beyond this amount.

The RESOLUTIONS presented, and also passed unanimously, should be in your hands for action.

Those that are controversial in character are herewith enclosed, that you may know they represented only the sense of the meeting and are not obligatory where any organization considers them impossible "propaganda".

EVERYWOMAN was not again made the Official Organ of the Council. Instead there was entire approval of the resolution to accept the offer of space in the organs of individual organizations for the messages of the Council. The Corresponding Secretary will write you concerning these details.

2 -- We regret to announce the resignation of the Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage, presented by the President, which action she considered her right without presenting it to her Board for action. This resignation is based on: [page 2]

a) the use of EVERYWOMAN as our Official Organ,

b) the radical character of the legislation,

c) the passage of the resolution endorsing the Federal Suffrage Amendment.

If there is no objection, the resignation will be accepted.

This organization had no representative present.

3 -- There are two applicants for membership, now in the hands of the Committee. One from the Woodmen Circle, of 183,000 members, at one time a member of the Council; The other, the National League of Women Workers.

There being no doubt of their acceptance, we will ask you to add them to your list sent by the Corresponding Secretary.

The Indianapolis Council of Women asks for renewed membership in the Council.

We ask each president to consider and send to the President of the National Council of Women the names and addresses of Presidents of Local Councils -- or State organizations, whose national bodies are not in membership in the National Council, that we may consider their desire for membership and eligibility.

If you meet individual women who desire to be represented or to become patrons, please make known to them Sec. 7, Art. 1 of the By-Laws.

4 -- The suggestion has been made that International Committees in large cities might be well constituted, (as was the fine local Committee of Washington), of the President of the branch in that City of each organization in membership. There should be added in such case any Chairman of department or any local member of well known ability and influence. Please tell the President your views on this point, in order to follow out Lady Aberdeen's strong recommendation.

5 -- The time and place of the next Board Meeting should now be decided. The time would be naturally some time in May; the place should be if possible in connection with some large meeting, where many of our members might be in attendance.

The Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense is calling the State Chairmen and Chairmen of their ten departments to Washington or Baltimore in May -- You may know of other large meetings -- and will signify your choice.

We shall be desirous of arranging details of work -- budget for Chairmen and many other items at that time -- and shall wish as many as possible to be present.

Faithfully yours,


RESOLUTION #1 -- RESOLVED that the National Council of Women urge the President and Congress to expedite the passage of the Federal Amendment clearing the way for the giving of suffrage to the women of this country, in order that they may better perform their duties as citizens and demonstrate to the world the complete democracy of the United States.

RESOLUTION #5 -- BE IT RESOLVED that the National Council of Woman urge Congress to pass a bill prohibiting the manufacture and sale of liquor.