Sarah Howard Conant to Jane Addams, November 18, 1918


70 Morningside Drive, New York,

November 18, 1918

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago,

Dear Madam:

Please accept sincerest sympathy at the most undeserved humiliation that has been heaped upon you by the shocking appeal made to you by the German women.

When it is remembered that you have given your life to save girls, to help the needy, to uplift the fallen, to have Germans, whose soldiers have made rape a system, whose bayonets have spitted innocent babes, appeal to you, is too much.

By what possible misconception of your character could anyone imagine that you would condone the brutality, the savage cruelty, the unspeakable crimes of the Germans? Moreover, who could think that you would interfere with the just and moderate terms of the Allied nations?

The whole incident is most unfortunate. America is not at variance with the Allies.

Yours truly,

Sarah H. Conant [signed]

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