Lou Henry Hoover to Jane Addams, August 2, 1918


August 2, 1918.

My Dear Miss Addams:

Thank you so much for the pamphlet on the World's Foods and the World's Politics. It is exceedingly interesting and I am very glad to have it. I most certainly do feel that you have no reason to apologize, or even explain the use of the Hot Springs material, as we are only too glad to have anything of ours used in any way that may possibly help.

My husband is very busy these days working in England and France: not at all the center of a great, round of festivities, as the papers would lead one to believe! A letter received from his secretary [today],  happened to mention that the Lord Mayor's reception, and the Food Administrators' dinner, were absolutely the only invitations to public functions that he had accepted in England. Apparently the reporters are making as much of that as possible, while he, poor dear, hates even these, and is working twenty hours a day at real things!

I am staying on in Washington, or rather just outside, because I am finding so much to do that I can't tear myself away.

Hoping that the Summer is a pleasant cool one for you, I am

Yours very gratefully,

Lou Henry Hoover [signed]