Statement on Women Workers Marriages, December 6, 1902 (excerpt)


Views of Jane Addams

In discussing the various ideas advanced, Miss Jane Addams last evening said:

"As for the proposed club and hospital, unconsidered opinion would be that good hospitals are plentiful in Chicago, and treatment in sickness one of the easiest things to obtain.

"But as to houseworkers marrying more frequently and marrying better than factory workers or saleswomen, the idea does not commend itself to me as strictly veracious. I do not think that any exact figures or statistics have been gathered on the subject, but, speaking from my own experience and observation, I should have believed quite the reverse. It is not, I suppose, a praiseworthy instinct in the ordinary young man that induces him to choose a girl of almost any other occupation before a houseworker, however good, attractive, and desirable, but this is the view of the matter that would seem to me most true."

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