Jane Addams to Margaret Dreier Robins, July 21, 1918


July 21st, 1918

My dear Mrs. Robins:

Mary Smith and I were so very glad to have your letter for I know of no one in the whole wide world just now who has more interesting information in his possession than Mr. Robins.

We very much hope that you will both reach Chicago before we leave on the twenty-sixth of July. Mary Smith's doctor insists on her going to Estes Park for at least six weeks and she will take her convalescence there, hoping that the climate will benefit her asthma.

We hear such diverse rumors of Russia and the attitude of the Administration towards Mr. Robins' views. I had a few moments with young Graham Taylor before he went to New York and am more eager than I can say to have an opportunity to see you both.

With cordial greetings to the distinguished traveler and yourself, in which Mary Smith joins me, I am,

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

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