Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, July 8, 1918



My dear Marcet

I am not sure whether you have yet reached Cedarville and so I am writing to Girard -- it can be forwarded! Mary Smith is making a very good recovery from her operation but her doctor wants her to be out of town and in Estes Park, ↑(Colorado)↓ by the 20" or 25" of July. [page 2]

I want to come out to Cedarville before then to spend a few days with you and Alice, but if I go with Mary as we now plan for an entire two months sojourn there, it will mean that I can't be in Cedarville on Aug. 12th.

I am not sure at any rate that I am [eager] for the celebration -- I think so many people would be tiring to the [page 3] invalid and the amount of pleasure it gave her would be doubtful.

I hope I am not a poor sport but I was much impressed with her fragility last week and felt that any thing like a strain must be avoided.

With love to Manuel & yourself & kisses to Alice, always your loving aunt Jane Addams.

P.S. Please send me a line or a note as to your location now.

July 8" 1918