Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, April 1, 1918




April 1st 1918

My dear Stanley

I will reach Los Angeles next Sunday Morning at 7.45, take the train there at 8.30 and reach Riverside at 10.54 A.M.

If you will meet me at the station we can go right out to the ranch for the day, [although] I told the Arnolds -- whom I saw in Oakland on Saturday -- that I would ask you to bring me back to their house in the evening, that I would spend the night there and take the train on [Tuesday] morning for El Paso [page 2] that will give me a good days visit with you all. Please tell Myra not to spend good time cooking meals -- we will have plain living and high thinking. I got your second telegram at San Francisco after I had tried in vain to make an appointment with the two men. Mr Jackson was leaving town, I think for [France] -- and the other man ↑was out of town and↓ would be gone for several weeks.

Mary Smith is not coming south with me, but I meet her at Del Monte on Wednesday and we will have [page 3] several days there together.

Please tell Myra that I have lots of news about [Berkeley]. With love to the entire family, Always your loving Aunt Jane.

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