Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, March 30, 1918

Hotel Oakland
Oakland, California

My dear Stanley

I hope to see the Y.M.C.A. people today but if that is difficult because it is Saturday afternoon I will see them next Wednesday. I am planning to spend next Sunday April 7" with you. I will come to Riverside Sunday morning and then telegram you whether [page 2] you shall all come in to the Arnolds, the [Inn] or whether I can come out to you. I can't plan much more until I see Mary Smith at Del Monte next Wed.

Please tell Myra that I have found out various things about Berkeley that makes me think the plan won't be at all difficult but I will tell [page 3] her all that when I see her.

With much love to the entire household,

Always your loving aunt

J. Addams

March 30" 1918

I am just starting off to speak and go to Salt Lake City [today].