Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, February 7, 1918


Feb'y 7" 1918


My dear Marcet

You have probably gotten by this time my two letters in regard to coming to Cedarville.

The three of us, Clara, Mr Pond and I meant to start on Saturday morning when Mary's letter came stating that you had gone to Kansas.

I am awfully sorry not to have seen you again but my little trip to hospital took away my [page 2] last chance for last week.

I have a little present for Alice all tied up and it makes me quite sad to look at it, but as it was designed especially for Cedarville I think that I won't send it west.

I hope you had no delays or other wretched troubles on the way back and that all the household is flourishing.

With love to Alice and to her father & mother Always your devoted aunt

Jane Addams.