Beatrice Hutchingson Winter to Jane Addams, November 21, 1917


Nov. 21 -- 17

My dear Miss Addams,

Our little local group of Peace women have asked me to write to you asking you if an appeal might not be made by our women & the women of all the countries concerned to the respective governments against mutilation of prisoners & firing on the Red Cross. We are told that our own soldiers are being taught  -- with the explanation that ↑by↓ such reprisals only can the war be won -- to imitate some of the cruelties that the Germans have been guilty of. Firing on the Red Cross has never before been done by any nation of war & mutilation of prisoners is a senseless atrocity -- we do not want our boys to do these things but they may be compelled. Do you think a protest directed against these two particular crimes would be of any avail?

Sincerely yours,

(Mrs) Beatrice H. Winter
Sec. Berkeley W.P.P.
2573 Carlton St.
Berkeley, Cal.

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