Sally Howard Burch to Jane Addams, ca. January 19, 1918

Octavia Apt. 2
Washington, D.C.

My dear Miss [Addams]: --

It was a disappointment to me not to be able to meet with the Executive Board of The National Woman's Peace Party; in New York on Jan. 12. The mails are so slow and uncertain now that I did not receive Mrs. Karsten's letter until just the day before the meeting, but as I am still very weak [page 2] from a very severe attack of "grippe", I could not have made the trip any way. It was a surprise that my name was suggested for the "Board" and a still greater one that I should receive a vote second to Mrs. Kent. I feel deeply [grateful], on account of the vote, as the women who voted for me, were practically strangers to me and must have voted from conviction. I wish there was some way [page 3] they could all know how much I appreciated their feeling toward me. I would like to serve, but feel that I must now give every moment to The National Woman's Party. My mind seems paralyzed as to any way out for us at present. The President's statement of our war aims seemed for the moment to have cleared the atmosphere, but some how the clouds have drifted back again. May we have the vision to know the right moment when we can be of some help in this awful situation. [page 4]

I hope you are feeling better and that your trip to New York did not tire you [too much].

Very sincerely

Sally H. Burch.