Anna M. Heald Minthorn to Jane Addams, December 9, 1917

1571 E. Adams St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Dec. 9, 1917.
Miss Jane Addams,
800 Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madam;

We noticed in one of the newspapers that the Women's National Peace Association held their meeting in the Quaker Meeting-house, and that you are still president.

We have three sons, who are now draft age. They are Quakers by birth and belief.

Please tell us whether the conscription law, as passed, excludes Quakers as it does men over thirty-one; or, if Quaker boys must register.

If I were an influential person, I would work for the following: Let the Pope make peace terms, have them approved by neutral nations, and put to a vote of the people in each of the warring countries.

Very Respectfully,

Mrs. Anna M. Minthorn. [signed]