Lucy Biddle Lewis to Jane Addams, November 15, 1917


My Dear Miss Addams.

Mrs. Hull is keeping in touch with Mrs. Karsten in regard to the arrangements for the W.P.P. so I have not written to you. It is a great comfort that we have been able to make what seem like suitable arrangements for all the [page 2] meetings. I am wondering now if you will want to arrange for a making of the National Board, before Thursday. If so I thought it might be well for us to try to arrange to entertain all of them in such a way that they would be near together to meet on Wednesday afternoon or evening & get to their various [page 3] abiding places easily by auto. I am asking Mrs. Post here and would gladly have others, as will our next door neighbor and we can send for you for the time you fix & send you back to Overbrook, if you would care to have the meeting at our house. Mrs. Hull can reach here easily by auto with guests she [page 4] is entertaining. This is merely a suggestion, if it will be of use. Please let us know of any ideas you may have that you would like us to carry out not in the regular line of the business, or any thing that will help you. We want to do ↑all↓ we can.

With much love your friend

Lucy Biddle Lewis

Lansdowne Pa.

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