Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, January 14, 1918


New York Jan'y 14th 1918

My dear Stanley --

On Saturday afternoon at the Y.M.C.A. here, I saw Mr Howard [Elliott], who said that he would send you at once the blanks for an application for service in their International Dep't. This means I think that you would take your examination in the Los Angeles Y.M.C.A. and if that were satisfactory would either be sent to France ↑very soon↓ or have three months work in some cantonment [in] the U.S.A, in [preparation] for going abroad.

Of course all I did was to recommend you highly and to "open the door" as it [page 2] were. I am afraid that I still feel that your place ↑is in↓ "the agricultural Dep't of war service" but after all that is for Myra and yourself to settle and I think there is no doubt that Mr [Elliott] has recommended you ↑&↓ If you can comply with the requirements the road is open.

[John] goes in a day or two -- he thinks on the 15th or 20th but cannot be sure as all the dates of sailings are kept very quiet. He looks very fine in his uniform and is, of course, [eager] to be off. I spent most of the day with him and Winthrop yesterday. ↑Winthrop↓ had come in from the suburb where his mother is living, to say good bye. He is a fine little [page 3] chap and I was very glad to see him again.

I spoke in N.Y. yesterday and meant to take the five o'clock train back, but found that I would probably be snow bound so I am staying on [here] until tomorrow when I go straight back to Chicago.

Please let me know ↑promptly↓ what comes out of the examination at Los Angeles, [with] the connections I have established here I may be of more use to you.

I hope I will find a letter in Chicago explaining the situation of the land [back] of your house that you are thinking of buying & have already paid [on].

With much love to Myra, Jane and yourself -- Always your loving aunt

Jane Addams