Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, August 31, 1917


August 31st, 1917.

My dear Miss Breckinridge:

I am sending the enclosed from Miss Addams in reference to the tentative program and also a letter from Mrs. Post offering some additional suggestions and one from Mrs. Mead, to you.

As you will see from Miss Addams' note, she is now quite satisfied with the statement and would like to have it sent to Congress and the Chairmen of the Foreign Affairs Committees and then published in the newspapers. I think, however, since the letters from Mrs. Mead and Mrs. Post have come in that I had better wait with this until you and Miss Addams can look it over again. I am, therefore, sending this to you because I leave this afternoon for the People's Council Meeting.

Miss Addams returns to Chicago Wednesday, September the fifth, and Miss Nichols will be glad to look after the mimeographing and whatever is necessary in order to send the material out whenever you and Miss Addams have decided what to do with it. I am sorry to trouble you with this!

I am looking forward to [my] vacation and I very much hope that you are going to have one too.

Very sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss S. P. Breckinridge,
2559 South Michigan Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois.