Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, October 14, 1917



My dear Stanley

[Enclosed] please find one hundred dollars to be applied on the trees and next month I will send the same amount, for of course I want to pay for all the trees including what you have paid out. You haven't yet told me how much (in totals) the tree bill exceeded [page 2] our first estimates. Of course I understand that it was only an estimate and the whole point is to have the place properly planted for which I wish to pay. So please write me how much all together you have paid on the trees. Please tell me, not for the same reason, how much you paid for the land back of the house and for [page 3] the house, I am getting my mind made up for Christmas presents et al.

Perhaps Mary Smith and I will come out for a little while in the late winter or very early spring, we both want to do it very much indeed and thank you and Myra for your warm invitation -- you know of course how much we want to come.

I am quite well again and am [page 4] doing a little speaking for Mr Hoover so that it begins to [seem] as if I were really getting better at last, and once more a real human being.

With love to the happy family of three in which Mary Smith joins me, I am always yours devotedly.

Jane Addams

Oct. 14" 1917

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