Jane Addams to David Starr Jordan, October 2, 1917


October 2nd, 1917

My dear Dr. Jordan:

I was out of the city when your letter of August twenty-second came and I delayed replying to it until my return ↑today.↓

I did not go to Minneapolis and as my name had not been used on the Organizing Committee I seem to have escaped any special identification with the Peoples Council.

The situation is very confused as is the membership itself, between fine people with whom one would be glad to cooperate and certain others who are more or less self-seeking. I have felt very sorry for Mr. Lochner who had his own troubles with the management of his very office in New York, as well as with public officials. But he has doubtless written you all these.

Won't you please let me know whenever you are passing through Chicago that I may if possible have a few minutes with you?

With cordial greetings to Mrs. Jordan, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. David Starr Jordan,
Palo Alto, California