Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, August 12, 1917

19 Euston St.
Aug. 12 '17.

My dear Miss Addams,

The [Forward], room 533, 120 Boylston St. would like to print our Tentative Program as it is finally revised, so will you please send a copy so that they may have it by the 20th?

I had a peace meeting at Swarthmore and got a statement which I drew up sent to all the Penn. Congressmen. I am drawing up one [page 2] now for our Mass. Congressmen if I can get Mr John F. Moors and some others to sign it and shall send Norman Angell's last article with it.

I fear the discussion on terms in Congress will be reactionary and unprofitable. I wish some more conservative man than Sen. La Follette could have opened the discussion with Mr. Angell's program.

The Independent shows up what it will cost if we prolong the war for indemnities.

Yours ever,

Lucia Ames Mead