Marie Van de Sande Frost to Jane Addams, August 6, 1917


Florida Federation of Women's Clubs

New Smyrna
Aug 6th 1917

My dear Miss Addams

It was so long since I had seen anything in the papers concerning your movements, that I was fearful lest you had given up the cause for which you have labored so bravely and faithfully -- I was therefore cheered to read in an editorial in the Boston Transcript that you are identified with a Union against Militarism.

The sad state of our country this past year has made me distracted and the only relief can come through doing something.

War, if it were not horrible, is so silly & illogical. Your society is probably not entering into the [page 2] partisan aspects of the case beyond the fact that we could have dealt with this question without blood shed. The world looked to us <for> high ideals and firm principles and so the nation that would restore peace to troubled lands <that> do not know how to stop although they are all ready and anxious to do so. How miserably we have failed to uphold all our fine talk about Humanity and Democracy! I am disappointed in the women of this country. They certainly should have gone on record for their religion and their homes. I believe that even now through their organization they could force an issue. If they had studied affairs and used their heads -- they might realize their power and women of other nations so sorely afflicted would also have risen -- not belligerently but tactfully, to lead the men who have forced these horrors upon us, into [page 3] better ways -- Every one says "It is too late now." It is late, but these men will never end this quarrel. In the end the women must take a hand and the sooner we do so the more lives of innocent men will be saved.

I have just been North and saw troops of those beautiful boys -- thousands of them -- each one a perfect specimen -- I could not look at them. I turned my back and cried to Heaven for a miracle to save them -- Our country needs them -- Yes but as honest men who will purify our politics -- not as dead or crippled soldiers.

What can I do? What is my "bit"? What can any of us do?

Yours for civilization and religion

Marie VdS Frost.

New Smyrna, Fla.