Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, May 15, 1917


May 15th, 1917.

My dear Mr. Kellogg: --

I have just written my acceptance to Mr. Duggan for the National Conference on Foreign Relations, although I will confess that I feel a little queer to be identified with Hughes and the others instead <of> with my "own crowd" who are having a Conference on May 30th. Perhaps, however, I will be able to sneak into their Conference on May 30th. At any rate the die is cast and I am going to New York. I said that I would stay until Saturday, June 2nd, so if there is any chance to be of use to The Survey on Saturday <Friday> I shall want to do it.

Is there any chance of Mr. Hull giving an account of his International Commission to sit at Athens? I think it is a fine scheme. I see, however, that Mr. Hull is identified with the Conference on the 30th.

Were any other members of the Woman's Peace Party invited, such as Mrs. Mead, or Mrs. Spencer? I should be awfully glad to have a list of those who are invited <by Mr Duggan.>

Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. Paul Kellogg,
The Survey,
112 East 19th Street,
New York City.