Bryson D. Horton to Jane Addams, June 13, 1917



Dear Miss Addams: --

I feel constrained to write this letter because I have in the past been a great admirer of you and your principles.

If Chicago were on fire would you take time to express your objections to fires?

If you were a mother with children menaced by rattlesnakes would you argue or act? I have known men worse than rattlesnakes.

Your country is at war. Any word or deed now that does not hasten victory and the peace this great people hold so dear will cost the likes of many mother's sons.

How easily a heavy object is moved when a force of men pull together. There is little done when they do not. So let, our whole people unite and stand squarely back of our [page 2] President and the splendid American manhood that will, if it please God, clean out this nest of Prussian snakes that defies the whole world.

I do hope you will say or do nothing that will affect my sister's two boys who have joined the colors or the future security and Liberty of my own Mary -- she is twelve or my boy Dexter -- he is five.

Surely you are entitled to your opinion but right <now> the whole world is on fire and I hope; I know you will help put it out.

A good progressive and splendid woman that you are "[Can] do no other."

The Liberty bell is ringing again -- [page 3]

"Proclaim Liberty [throughout] the Land" No!

"Proclaim Liberty [throughout] the World"

Surely you'll help <and not hinder> America won't you?


Bryson D. Horton