Anonymous ("Old German Lady") to Jane Addams, June 12, 1917

June 12th

Dear Miss [Addams],

There seems to be some sinister power stalking around in this country, a power that wants to destroy everything that is German; Germany itself -- its good name, its lifeblood and every now and then we hear that there are some very excellent things in that country which must be copied by the very nations which are bent on destroying it -- "In the name of humanity." I have not many [page 2] tears left, but I shed some when I read that you had spoken some kind words <for> Germany at Evanston for which you was blamed by an old friend. I want to thank you with all my heart and may God bless you and give you health and many years on this earth where such as you are needed.

Love from an old German Lady.

We are carrying a heavy cross and such as you are giving a lift.

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