Christian Sihler to Jane Addams, July 1, 1917


Dear Miss Addams.

I have the following communication

Dear Sir -- On or about July 1st we are going to publish "The German Republic" an 8 page publication to appear monthly. We are appealing to our supporters for financial aid to bring out this paper. The paper will be our most powerful means to set people thinking along new lines and to gain new [adherents] to our great cause.

If you could help us to publish the paper we would be deeply obliged to you.

We shall send trial copies to every paper in the country and to all persons who are likely to be interested. If you could send us the names and addresses of [sympathizers] you would do us a great service. Contributions may be sent to me or to Mrs. Mary Ritter Beard 430 W. 116th Str N.Y.

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest opportunity I am, Yours sincerely

J. Köttgen
Organizing Secretary

Mrs. Beard's husband is Professor at Columbia [page 2]

I shall send in your name as a possible subscriber. You see if Germany will get rid in a measure even of her war lords (of that crown & prince -- who says that war is just as [beneficent] for a nation as say cold baths for an individual.) no harm will come to the peace-movement.

I myself am sorry for the "Republic." It is going too far, many liberal Germans would prefer something else. I would have named the society, a society for a free Germany the Germany of E. M. Arndt of Carl Schurz, the Freiherr v Stein -- all fine names, which would have attracted all Germans -- but one must fall in line.

Some [pacifist] remind me of physicians who would want to vaccinate a patient while she is suffering from small-pox.

That does not seem wise to me -- But that plan you support I see one of [illegible] that the U.S. should have a regular department for preventing war seems to me to hit the nail on the head -- If you want my opinion in your pamphlet, you would have to ask me for it. respectfully

Chr. Sihler Ph.D. M.D.

10121 Westchester Cleveland Ohio