Jane Addams to Crystal Eastman, June 30, 1917


My dear friend:

I am sending five hundred copies of the address to the Woman's Peace Party in New York and another five hundred to the Union against Militarism. Mrs. Karsten will give you the price for more, if you care for them, but I am sure this will be all you will need.

I hope to write something [a little] more drastic soon, but the type of propaganda that can profitably be used [seems] to me to change from time to time.

I quite agree with what you say in regard to the distinctive function of the Woman's Peace Party, and I hope in time we can do this.

You have doubtless seen Randolph Bourne's "War and the Intellectuals" in the June Number of the Seven Arts. I wish that might be reprinted and scattered about.

Your letter was a great pleasure to me and I am

Always devotedly yours,

Miss Crystal Eastman,
70 Fifth Avenue,
New York City.