Gilbert Addams Beaver to Jane Addams, May 5, 1917


May 5, 1917.

Miss Jane Addams,
800 South Halsted Street,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Cousin Jane:

I am delighted to learn from Edward Evans that you have become a member of the Fellowship. The [enrollment] form which you sent to Miss Shearman has been forwarded by her to Mr. Evans, but the one which you refer to as having been sent to me has never been received.

Some time ago your good letter came from Florida, speaking of how much you were interested in the Fellowship. I wanted to write you at once but just at that time noticed by the newspaper that you were in Washington and could get only conflicting reports of where you went from there.

The Fellowship Committee is very eager to have your help as an advisory member, at least, of the Committee on Service and Practical Experiments. The enclosed statement will give you a general idea of what is in mind and I shall be very glad, so far as possible, to answer any questions. There are so many things I should like to talk over with you that I must not burden you even with mentioning them, but any time that you are to be as near as Philadelphia without a crowded program, I should be delighted to do anything possible to get a chance of seeing you. Anne and I will not give up the hope that sooner or [page 2] later you will find time for an unhurried visit on the farm at Yorktown Heights where we can assure you of the chance of doing just as you please.

We are most interested in what you are thinking of writing and should be delighted to have anything that you feel well enough to complete<, but I am too much concerned about you and about helping to make rather than to unmake the most favorable conditions for your health to feel like urging you to do anything. Just to have you with us in this Fellowship means far more to me personally than I can ever express.


Gilbert Addams Beaver>

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