Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Donna Lee Taylor Westenberg, May 24, 1917


May 24th, 1917.

My dear Mrs. Westenberg:

In answer to your letter of May 22nd, Miss Addams has asked me to say that if your daughter wishes to take up settlement work, she would do well to write to the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy, 2559 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, or to the New York School of Philanthropy, 105 East 22nd Street, New York City, for their prospectuses. It is sometimes discouraging to be advised to take even a short preparatory course, but at this time when settlement and other philanthropic work is so highly specialized, it is necessary. As your daughter, however, is not yet through with her high school work, there will be plenty of time in which to make plans.

The activities of Hull House are somewhat restricted this summer owing to the limited finances due to war times. Most of the summer activities are carried on in the country and it is essential that these be arranged for before any new work is undertaken. I regret to say, therefore, that we probably will not be able to avail ourselves of your daughter's help this year.

Very sincerely yours,

Secretary to Jane Addams

Mrs. Robert C. Westenberg,
3310 Chicago Avenue,
Minneapolis, Minnesota.