Anna Norma Porter to Jane Addams, May 1917

75 E. St. James St.
San José

Miss Jane Addams

Dear Madam --

Will you not give the following <enclosed> suggestion earnest consideration. Though the Peace Society seems to feel we can do nothing further until the end of the war, I feel that I must work definitely for its quick ending, and suggest this immediate step as a possible one to avert the sacrifice of more millions of lives and a further brutalization of the peoples.

I have myself telegraphed the enclosed letter direct to the President and am anxious to have the idea urged constantly upon him from every possible source and in any effective form.

Of course the whole point in the suggestion is that the President is now in a position to demand what as a neutral he could only suggest and the whole nation has a right to demand a definite statement as to the aims of our Allies.

Very truly yours
Anna Porter