Caroline Creese Pelham to Jane Addams, January 15, 1917

New Harmony, Indiana.
January 15, 1917
Jane Addams,

My dear Miss Addams; --

A [granddaughter] of Robert Dale Owen has left with me the manuscript of a Photoplay called "Wargain". It is a picture in seven reels intending to show that it is not the Enemy that is responsible for this [terrible] war -- but that War itself is the cause.

Miss Owen makes a strong plea [through] these pictures, many of which are taken from her own actual experiences, and I wish we might find a way to show [page 2] them to the public.

You are in such close touch with those who are doing things in the interest of peace, that I am sending you a copy of her letter of explanation in hopes you can suggest a way that may lead to the picture's production.

I know that your interest in the Peace Movement is such that anything which proposes to help cannot be an intrusion, and I feel sure that you have too some New Harmony memories.

We always feel a very deep interest in your work and hold you in our warm [page 3] affections, [though] you may not recall us as individuals.

If you would care to read the manuscript I would be glad to send it to you.

Very sincerely yours

(Miss) Caroline Creese Pelham