Katherine Elizabeth Sihler to Jane Addams, May 1, 1917

815 Broadway
Fort Wayne, Ind.
May 1st 1917

Dear Miss Addams:

How can I become a member of the "Woman's Peace Party"? It would be a great comfort to my heart to belong to it.

I am delighted of with what you say and ask in the last Woman's Journal. I am so glad some one is opening his mouth. I feel as if the air of freedom were being withdrawn, I can hardly breathe, and I [page 2] long ardently for a new Earth. Miss Blackwell's article "The Camel's Nose" is also very timely.

I used to be the president of the Equal Franchise League of this city and I used to assert with confidence that when women could vote, there would be no more wars. I am proud of Jeanette Rankin but not so of the women as a whole -- they rushed blindly into war, promising everything -- before even justice was done them by men and [page 3] by the administration. Millions of men are still willing to exploit women and they prove it every day.

Our government is imitating nearly all the measures it used to proclaim it was fighting against -- why should not the most important issues <be> decided by a vote of the people, if this is truly a democracy?

I consider all war murder -- I am for peace on Earth, good will to men.

If you see Miss Anderson and Miss Large, will you [page 4] kindly give them my love? They are friends of my youth.

Thanking you for what you have done and are doing and wishing you Godspeed in all your endeavors, believe me

Sincerely yours
in the interest of humanity

K. Elizabeth Sihler