Minnie Edith Bemis Hayes to Jane Addams, November 17, 1915


Conway, New Hampshire

Nov. 17. 1915

Miss Jane Addams

Dear Miss Addams.

Our Conway [Women's] Club has made arrangements for a Peace Day as follows -- Quotations on Peace Music

The International Peace Conferences at The Hague and Their Results.

Report of the United States Peace Committee of Women to the German Kaiser. [page 2]

Discussion -- Will the present conflict in Europe bring peace to the world?

Any help, or suggestions on the program would be greatly appreciated. We would like to obtain papers on the first two subjects.

Most Sincerely 

(Mrs.) Minnie E. Hayes
(Chairman of the directors of the C. W. C.)

P.S. The meeting is to be Nov. 30. 1915

M. E. H.